Magna Tiles vs Playmags: Which is Better? (2023 Guide)

By KidSpaceStuff •  Updated: 04/14/24 •  6 min read

Do your kids love magnetic tiles as much as mine do?

There are tons of magnetic tile brands out there, but two that often get compared are Magna Tiles and Playmags.

Both of these magnetic tile sets are great ways to improve your child’s fine motor skills and express their creativity.

So, which is better, Magna Tiles vs Playmags? Let’s find out!

Playmags Magnetic Tiles vs Magna Tiles

Magna Tiles vs Playmags

Magna Tiles vs Playmags: Tile Size

Magna-Tiles are designed with size in mind, perfect for little hands to grip. Their larger, flat tiles enable building of substantial, impressive structures. This size also encourages collaborative play as my kids create sprawling cityscapes together across the living room floor.

Playmags, while smaller in size, offer an exciting variety of shapes, allowing my children to craft more detailed and intricate designs. The compact size also means they’re portable and easy to pack for a playdate or a long car ride.

Playmags vs Magna Tiles: Magnet Size and Strength

Magna-Tiles, despite their larger size, have moderate magnet strength. This is generally sufficient for most structures, but for those towering creations, my little ones sometimes grapple with stability issues.

Playmags tiles, however, come with stronger magnets. This makes them ideal for 3D structures and more complex designs, ensuring they stay together, much to the relief of my ambitious little builders. The stronger magnets also seem to add a satisfying “click” during construction, which the kids absolutely love.


Magna Tiles

In terms of quality, both Magna-Tiles and Playmags impress.

Magna-Tiles, with their sturdy construction, are incredibly durable and able to withstand the rigors of energetic playtime. The colors remain vibrant, and the tiles maintain their shape despite countless building sessions.

Playmags don’t fall short either. They are well-constructed, with sealed magnets and durable, scratch-resistant plastic. They have stayed functional and visually appealing even after being handed down from one sibling to another.


When it comes to material construction, both Magna-Tiles and Playmags offer durable designs that have passed the test of time in our busy playroom.

Magna-Tiles are made from high-quality food-grade ABS plastic, which is non-toxic and incredibly durable. I’ve noticed their heft, which speaks volumes about their build quality. Over the years, despite the inevitable drops and throws, Magna-Tiles have proven to be robust, maintaining their shape and vibrant colors without significant signs of wear and tear.

Playmags, on the other hand, are also constructed from ABS plastic, ensuring safe and long-lasting play. They may be lighter, but they’re far from fragile. The tiles have endured endless building sessions, showing no signs of cracking or chipping. The colors stay vibrant, and the magnets securely enclosed, even with constant use.

While both brands showcase excellent construction, Magna-Tiles feel slightly sturdier due to their weight, but Playmags, being lighter, have their own advantage in portability without compromising on durability.


Magna-Tiles are noticeably heavier due to their size, which makes them feel robust and well-built. They’re perfect for those grand designs that sprawl across our playroom.

Playmags, in comparison, are lighter and more portable. This makes them easier for my younger ones to handle and transport around. They’re often our go-to for travel or for entertaining the kids during visits to relatives.


Price is a significant factor for any family, and in this aspect, Playmags typically offer a better deal.

Magna-Tiles, being one of the pioneering brands in magnetic tiles, often command a higher price. However, I view them as a long-term investment given their durability and the endless hours of play they provide.


Safety-wise, both brands are reliable and safe.

Magna-Tiles, with their larger design and rounded corners, are excellent for younger children. There’s minimal risk of swallowing, and the edges are not overly sharp.

Playmags, being smaller, might pose a potential swallowing hazard for very young children, but their rounded edges and secure, enclosed magnets prioritize safety. As always, with toys containing smaller pieces, supervision is paramount for the younger ones.

Compatibility and Options

In the realm of compatibility and options, Playmags stand out. They’re compatible with most other brands, giving us the freedom to mix and match sets for even greater creative exploration. Plus, Playmags offer an extensive variety of packs and accessories that fuel my children’s imagination.

While Magna-Tiles also have a range of sets, their compatibility with other brands is limited. However, the unique shapes and designs exclusive to Magna-Tiles keep my children’s interest alive and their creativity flowing.

Want some inspiration on what to build with your magnetic tiles? Check out the video below!


Are Playmags the same as Magna Tiles?

No, Playmags and Magna Tiles are not the same. I can confirm that while they belong to the same category of magnetic tiles, they are not the same. Each brand has distinct characteristics. Magna-Tiles are larger, heavier, and a bit pricier, but incredibly durable. Playmags, on the other hand, are lighter, have stronger magnets, offer better compatibility with other brands, and are typically more affordable.

Are Playmag tiles worth the money?

From my experience as a mother, I believe Playmags are definitely worth the money. Their strong magnet strength, light weight, and diverse set options offer endless creative possibilities for children. Plus, their relative affordability compared to other magnetic building tiles.

Do Playmag tiles break easily?

Playmags are quite durable. They’ve been dropped, stepped on, and tossed around without breaking. Their plastic is high-quality and the magnets are securely enclosed. However, like any toy, excessive force or misuse can lead to damage.

Are Playmag tiles safe?

Playmags have proven to be a safe option for my children. They’re constructed with rounded edges and strong, sealed magnets to minimize any risk. While they’re safe for older kids, their smaller size might present a potential choking hazard for toddlers, so parental supervision is always recommended. Overall, Playmags are a well-considered, safe toy for kids, if used appropriately.

Final Thoughts

So, which is the better? Both popular magnetic tile brands have a lot to offer.

In the end, when comparing Magna-Tiles vs Playmags, both have their strengths and hold a treasured place in our playroom.

Magna-Tiles win points for their size, quality, and durability, while Playmags impress with their strong magnets, lighter weight, better price point, and compatibility.

As with all toys, the choice depends on your child’s preferences, your budget, and their style of play. Either way, these magnetic tiles promise a world of fun, creativity, and learning.

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