KidSpaceStuff was started in 2011 by Jeanette Simpson, a credentialed interior designer and mother of 6.

Today, KidSpaceStuff is all about helping parents better connect with their children through interior design, activities, and education.

As parents, you want the absolute best for your kids. You want to provide them with experiences that will ignite their imaginations, nurture their talents, and set them up for success. Well, guess what? We’re on the same wavelength!

My site is a hub of amazing activities, cool interior design ideas, and everything you need to unleash your child’s imagination.

Imagine a world where learning becomes a thrilling adventure, where education seamlessly intertwines with play, and where your child’s potential knows no limits. That’s exactly what we’re aiming for! Our website is brimming with interactive activities, brain-boosting games, and hands-on projects that will engage your little ones and unlock their hidden talents.

Who Am I?

Hey there, my name is Gladys Williams, a mother of 3 and parenting expert looking to help you grow a thriving family.

My passions include interior design, organization, and spending time with friends and family.

Want to get in touch? Contact the team today to ask us any questions you have!