Magna Tiles vs Connetix: Which are Better? (2023 Guide)

By KidSpaceStuff •  Updated: 07/13/24 •  8 min read

When it comes to magnetic tiles, there are two standout contenders, Magna-Tiles and Connetix.

Both offer rich, immersive experiences, each with its unique features and charms. But when faced with the choice between them, which one reigns supreme?

Drawing from years of witnessing architectural wonders created at our dining room table and fortresses built in our living room, I’m ready to tackle this question.

Ready to find out which magnetic tiles are best? Keep reading my Magna Tiles vs Connetix comparison to find out!

Magna Tiles vs Connetix

Magna Tiles vs Connetix

Magna Tiles vs Connetix: Design and Shape

Magna Tiles and Connetix tiles are both magnetic tiles, but they do have some differences in their design.

Magna-Tiles offer a larger, solid design with vibrant colors that make for impressive, sizable structures. The unique shape, somewhat more angular, encourages expansive, two-dimensional architectural creativity. And there’s something genuinely captivating about seeing a Magna-Tiles creation against a sunlit window.

On the other hand, Connetix, being slightly smaller, presents a different dynamic. They have a variety of different shapes, from squares and triangles to hexagons and even windows and doors. The clear, translucent colors allow light to pass through beautifully, creating a stained-glass effect that my kids find enchanting.

So, while Magna-Tiles offer a robust, sizeable design for large structures, Connetix brings an array of shapes and a visually appealing design that really enhances the creative play experience.

Connetix vs Magna Tiles: Quality and Durability

Magna Tiles

Both Magna Tiles and Connetix are made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability during play.

Magna-Tiles have a hardy build. They are larger, slightly heavier, and withstand a great deal of rough play. Despite numerous falls, the tiles have remained intact and the magnets have never failed. The wear and tear do show after a while, but nothing that affects the function of the toy.

Connetix, on the other hand, while slightly smaller, have shown remarkable resilience. The magnet strength remains consistent, even after prolonged use. The tiles, while lighter, resist scratches and cracks remarkably well, maintaining their vibrant, clear colors.

While Magna-Tiles may seem sturdier at first glance due to their size and weight, Connetix has impressed us with its lasting durability and consistent performance, keeping up with the endless energy of my little builders.

Magna Tiles vs Connetix Size, Weight, and Magnet Strength

Magna-Tiles are larger and heavier, which makes them ideal for building big, stable structures. The magnets, while sturdy, can sometimes struggle with overly ambitious, tall designs.

Connetix, on the other hand, are slightly smaller and lighter, making them easy for even my youngest to manipulate. The standout feature is their superior magnet strength, allowing for more complex, 3D structures that hold together impressively well.

Check out this unboxing of Connetix for more info!

Connetix vs Magna Tiles: Safety

Both Magna Tiles and Connetix focus on providing safe play experiences.

Magna-Tiles, with their larger size and flat design, leave little room for safety worries, although their corners can be a bit sharp.

Connetix, on the other hand, have slightly rounded corners, reducing the risk of minor scrapes during intense building sessions. The magnets are securely enclosed, minimizing any risk of accidental swallowing.

Sets, Accessories, and Storage

Magna Tiles and Connetix both provide diverse set choices with varying amounts of pieces.

Magna-Tiles provide a decent variety, including cars, doors, and windows, adding tangible depth to my kids’ creative play.

Connetix really shines with their expansive range of sets and accessories. The inclusion of unique pieces like fences, balconies, and even a car pack has elevated the playtime experience. Plus, Connetix sets usually come with storage boxes, a huge relief for this often toy-swamped mom!

Creativity and Play Experience

Magna Tiles and Connetix promote creative play through building and imaginative design. The tiles can be combined in unlimited ways, allowing kids to explore their creativity and problem-solving skills.

It’s hard to say if one is better than the other in terms of creativity and experience, so this category gets a tie.

Compatibility and Expansion

Connetix Magnetic Tile Set

Good news for those looking to combine Magna Tiles and Connetix: both sets are compatible with each other, which allows for expanding on your collection.

Other brands of magnetic tiles like Magformers, Playmags, and Picasso tiles may also be compatible, but it’s important to check the product details before purchasing.


If you’re anything like me, price matters!

Magna-Tiles and Connetix are both premium toys and come with a higher price tag than your average building set.

Magna-Tiles, being one of the original magnetic tile toys in the market, are a bit pricier. However, their durability and size can justify the investment, especially considering the hours of engagement they provide.

Connetix, while also on the higher end, offer slightly better value in my experience. The magnet strength, range of sets and accessories, and the inclusion of storage boxes often give you more bang for your buck.

Best Magnetic Tiles Brands Comparison

In my experience, there are quite a few magnetic tile brands out there, but Magna Tiles and Connetix seem to be some of the most popular.

Connetix tiles offer larger magnets, a beveled design, scratch resistance, and versatile building options. These features make them a really solid choice for those who are looking for durability and a great building experience. But these features come at a slightly higher price point than others, which is worth considering.

On the other hand, Magna Tiles offer a classic square and triangle shape, which can be really appealing to some people. They come at a slightly lower price point, which can be important when you’re on a budget. However, their magnets seem to be smaller and not quite as strong as Connetix tiles.

When it comes to other brands, it’s worth mentioning Picasso Tiles, which have a similar design to Magna Tiles. Although they may not have the same magnet strength as Connetix, they still offer a decent building experience at a lower price.

If you want the strongest magnets, I found that the most powerful and strong are present in Playmags and Connetix tiles. These tiles have really strong magnets that can hold up even complex structures. So, if you value build stability, these two brands are definitely worth considering.

Here’s a quick summary:


Are Connetix tiles safe?

Connetix tiles are made with materials that are safe for kids. These tiles are free from BPA, phthalates, and latex. As a parent myself, I know how important it is to ensure our little ones are playing with non-toxic products.

Are Connetix tiles compatible with Magna-Tiles?

You bet! Connetix and Magna-Tiles can absolutely be used together. If, like me, you’ve got both of these at home (or maybe someone gives them as gifts), you can let your kid’s imagination run wild by mixing and matching the tiles from both brands to build amazing structures. Just bear in mind that, when it comes to storing or buying sets, sticking to one brand can simplify things a bit.

Are Connetix tiles worth it?

Connetix tiles are one of the most popular magnetic tile brands you can buy, and for good reason. They offer some of the strongest magnetic strength to build elaborate structures of all kinds. These are durable, easy to clean, and compatible with other tile sets – making them well worth the money.

Final Thoughts

When comparing Magna tiles vs Connetix – there are several things you should consider.

While both of these magnetic tile brands offer great products that my kids love, the winner in my home is Connetix.

The stronger magnet strength and vibrant, clear colors of Connetix have added a special touch to our children’s creations. They also seamlessly integrate with other brands, expanding the creative possibilities.

While Magna-Tiles still hold a special place in our hearts for their durability and size, the versatility and aesthetic appeal of Connetix have tipped the scale in their favor. Every child and home is unique, but in our experience, Connetix has taken the crown in the magnetic tile showdown.

Ultimately, it’s hard to go wrong with either of these magnetic tile sets as younger kids will love both of them and they can help improve their fine motor skills.

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