9 Best Goalkeeper Gloves for Kids (2024 Guide)

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Are you looking for the best goalkeeper gloves for kids?

My child has used many different pairs of keeper gloves over the years and he has some strong opinions on which are best.

In this guide, I’ll help you pick the best goalkeeper gloves for kids so you can win more matches! Let’s dig in!

Best Goalkeeper Gloves for Kids

1. EFAH SPORTS Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves for Kids

EFAH SPORTS Soccer Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves for Kids Boys Children Football…
  • Skin Friendly Material: Our Goalkeeper Gloves have anti-slip, wear-resistant and environmentally friendly material. The professional-quality…
  • HIGH QUALITY Soccer Gloves :Our Goaile gloves is specially designed for kids, youth and junior trainees. They are designed and made in such…

These goalkeeper gloves are perfect for young goalies, offering durability and excellent grip, but have room for improvement in size options.



After using EFAH SPORTS Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves, I found them to be thoughtfully designed to suit the needs of kids and youth goalkeepers. The skin-friendly material makes these gloves comfortable to wear, and the adjustable Hook and Loop ensures a snug fit and wrist support.

However, these gloves are available only in Size 4, suitable for ages 6 to 9, which could be limiting for buyers looking for other sizes. Additionally, there is no finger protection offered in these gloves, though it might not be necessary for very young players.

Despite the few shortcomings, the overall quality of the gloves is satisfactory, and they can be used in various weather conditions, making them versatile for training or matches. I would recommend these gloves to parents looking for an affordable and functional pair for their young goalkeepers, but bear in mind the size limitations and lack of finger protection.

2. ZABZ Goalie Gloves for Kids

ZABZ Goalie Gloves Youth Goalkeeper Gloves Kids Football Gloves Soccer…
  • 【 Save Goals Like a Pro 】- ZABZ youth football gloves feature high-quality latex material on the palm which provides perfect grip so…
  • 【 Safe & Secure Kids Hands 】- Our kids goalie gloves have excellent padding & wrist protection which provides great shock absorption and…

I highly recommend the ZABZ Goalie Gloves for kids who want excellent grip, wrist support, and durability in their game.



When I got my hands on the ZABZ Goalie Gloves, I was immediately impressed with the grip provided by the latex material on the palm. My little goalkeeper managed to save countless goals thanks to this feature. The padding and wrist protection on these gloves also ensured that my kid’s hands stayed safe and comfortable throughout the game.

The elastic wrist strap provided exceptional wrist support, preventing any strain or injury. However, taking care of these gloves may require hand washing, which could be a chore for some. Additionally, the color options are limited, and they only come in size 4, which might not cater to children of all ages.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the quality craftsmanship and durability of the ZABZ Goalie Gloves make them an ideal choice for young goalkeepers. The gloves are well-stitched, breathable, and easy to clean when dirty. So if you’re looking for a reliable pair of goalkeeper gloves for kids, these ZABZ Goalie Gloves are a fantastic option to consider.

3. Sportout Kids Goalkeeper Gloves

Sportout Kids Goalkeeper Gloves, Soccer Gloves with Double Wrist Protection…
  • DOUBLE WRIST SAFEGUARD:- These soccer gloves have a double-designed wristband whose lining layer is elastic stuff and the outer is…
  • PERFECT PALM PROTECTION:- Embossing latex foam Non-slip and wearable which can offer more cushioning protections to your chirld’s palm. Mesh…

I recommend these gloves for young goalkeepers seeking protection and comfort on the soccer field.



These Sportout Kids Goalkeeper Gloves are ideal for young players seeking safety and durability while playing soccer. The double wrist protection ensures a secure fit and reduces the likelihood of sprains. Moreover, the breathability of the mesh in the palms is a significant advantage during intense matches.

The embossed latex foam on the palms offers superior protection but lacks actual grips, causing some slippage. With a vibrant green and blue design, they look great and provide an ergonomic fit. However, be cautious with sizing as there have been some issues with fitting according to the provided charts.

Despite some stitching issues reported, I found the gloves to be comfortable and protective overall. After using them with my child in our backyard sessions, I can confidently say they are a suitable choice for both training and matches for kids and youths aged 5-16 years. With proper care and hand washing, these Sportout gloves should serve your young goalkeeper well on the soccer field.

4. Arsh Sports Soccer Goalie Gloves

Arsh Sports Soccer Goalie Gloves, Football Goalkeeper Gloves for Kids Boys…
  • 🌟Stylish Design: ARSH SPORTS boys football gloves has a unique Eye catching 3D EMBOSSED design is filled with fluorescent reflective…
  • 🌟Strong Grip: ARSH SPORTS Goalkeeper gloves adult are made up of high quality latex foam. Palm area with latex provides high viscosity…

I recommend these gloves for young goalkeepers seeking style and strong grip.



I recently used the Arsh Sports Soccer Goalie Gloves for kids and was quite impressed by their unique, funky design with a 3D embossed logo. These gloves have 4mm latex on the palm, providing a strong grip while holding the football, which is essential for any young goalkeeper.

One feature that particularly stood out for me was the breathability and comfort of these gloves. The air-mesh fabric on the finger side and top hand side ensures excellent breathability, protecting my hands from sweating during playtime. The double wrap-over wrist strap added extra comfort and security while playing.

However, I noticed that these gloves may not be suitable for intense or professional training sessions. The gloves are great for beginners and practice sessions, but they might not withstand the wear and tear of more significant matches. Additionally, the limited size options may pose a problem for some children.

Overall, the Arsh Sports Soccer Goalie Gloves are a stylish and comfortable option for young goalkeepers who want to make a statement on the field.

5. Haploon Goalkeeper Gloves for Kids

Haploon Youth Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves Kids Professional Goalkeeper…
  • High Quality Material: Made of High Quality latex, it can enhance the friction and resistance of the goalkeeper gloves, make you catch the…
  • Durable Youth Goalie Gloves: High quality composite materials of EVA and latex, these gloves are so strong that they are hard to splitted…

These Haploon goalkeeper gloves are a solid choice for young players seeking comfortable and protective gloves.



I recently had the chance to try out the Haploon Adult & Youth Goalie Goalkeeper Gloves for kids. Upon using the gloves, I noticed that the high-quality latex material does an excellent job of enhancing friction for a more secure grip. The combination of EVA and latex materials also makes these gloves quite durable and resistant, preventing splitting during both intense games and regular training sessions.

One essential aspect of goalkeeper gloves is the protection they provide. The Haploon gloves feature an adjustable full latex wrist wrap with double wrist safeguard that maximizes secure protection, reducing the risk of sprained wrists. The gloves also include a unique finger protector system, providing solid support to the fingers and reducing injury risks.

However, I found that the sizing may be an issue for some users, so make sure to check the size chart carefully before purchasing. Additionally, the wristband might be too tight for some players, which could affect comfort. Lastly, while the gloves held up during my use, there have been concerns regarding longevity, especially with heavy usage during games and practice sessions.

6. EFAH SPORTS Goalkeeper Gloves for Kids

EFAH SPORTS Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves for Kids Boys Children Youth Football…
  • ✔ Skin-friendly Material: Our goalkeeper gloves have non-slip, wear-resistant and environmentally friendly material. Professional-grade…
  • HIGH QUALITY Goaile Gloves – Our Goaile gloves are specially designed for Kids children boys and girls. They are designed and manufactured…

These gloves are a fantastic choice for young goalkeepers who need reliable performance and durability.



I recently bought these EFAH SPORTS goalkeeper gloves for my 8-year-old daughter, and I must say they delivered great performance. The gloves are made from skin-friendly, breathable fabric that kept her hands cool and comfortable throughout her games and practice sessions.

These gloves are specifically designed for children, which is evident in their construction. The breathable stretch mesh fabric not only improves hand flexibility but also provides adequate wrist support. Additionally, the gloves are suitable for all weather conditions and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

However, I did notice a slight chemical smell when we first received the gloves, but it dissipated after some time. Also, while my daughter finds the grip adequate for her current skill level, she occasionally mentions that the ball slips from her hands. It might not be the best option for goalkeepers in need of advanced performance.

Overall, I believe these EFAH SPORTS goalkeeper gloves are a solid choice for young goalkeepers looking for comfortable, well-fitting gloves that promote confidence on the field.

7. WVVOU Goalkeeper Gloves for Kids Youth

WVVOU Goalkeeper Gloves for Kids Youth, Soccer Goalie Gloves with Double…
  • DOUBLE WRIST PROTECTION: These kids goalkeeper gloves have a double-layer wristband. The lining layer is woven elastic band and the outer is…
  • WEARABILITY & SLIP RESISTANCE & PALM PROTECTION: We select premium EVA and latex composite materials and embossing process to guarantee our…

These gloves provide much-needed support and protection for young goalkeepers while maintaining comfort and grip.



I recently tried out the WVVOU Goalkeeper Gloves for kids, and I was impressed with the double wrist protection featuring an elastic band and adjustable Velcro, providing extra support for young wrists. The EVA and latex composite materials contribute to the gloves’ slip resistance, grip, and palm protection.

Moreover, the breathable mesh fabric between the back and palm promotes airflow, ensuring that the gloves stay comfortable throughout the game. The finger parts are stitched with elastic sponge for better moisture-wicking, offering a snug and secure fit.

However, there are a few aspects to be cautious about. These gloves may not withstand extensive long-term use, as some users report stitching starting to come apart after a few times of use. Additionally, the sizing seems to be inconsistent, so it is crucial to measure your child’s hands accurately before purchasing.

Overall, the WVVOU Goalkeeper Gloves are a great choice for young goalkeepers in need of reliable protection and grip but may require some extra care to ensure durability.

8. Sportout Goalie Gloves for Kids

Sportout Goalie Gloves, Goalkeeper Gloves with Finger Protection, Soccer…
  • FOR THE TOUGHEST SAVE: With wear-resistant 4mm-latex palms, these goalkeeper gloves can offer extremely strong control and grip when you…
  • FINGER AND PALM PROTECTION: The updated finger protect system of these goalie gloves can decrease the hyper-extended finger injuries in…

I highly recommend these gloves for young goalkeepers who want excellent grip, comfort and finger protection.



During my time using these Sportout Goalie Gloves, I was impressed with the way they performed. The 4mm-latex palms allowed me to have excellent control when handling the ball, and the unique flat palm cut design truly helped me make those crucial saves.

One thing I appreciated about these gloves was the updated finger save system that protected me against hyper-extended finger injuries. The thickly padded latex foam provided additional cushioning protection to my palms, adding to the overall comfort.

The double wrist protection was also a standout feature. The combination of an elastic band and an adjustable velcro made it hard for the gloves to fall off. This extra support kept my wrists flexible and reduced the risk of strain.

Despite these great features, I noticed that finding the right size could be challenging for some, and durability might be a concern in certain cases. Still, the overall quality of these goalkeeper gloves makes them an excellent choice for kids, youth, and adults, whether they’re beginners or experienced players.

9. Clbort Soccer Goalie Gloves

Clbort Soccer Goalie Gloves Youth Kids, Goalkeeper Gloves with Super Grip…
  • Superb Quality and Dynamic Design: With ergonomic cut, these youth goalie gloves are made of premium skin-friendly materials, mildly…
  • Great Grip& Palm Protection: Made of high quality EVA and latex composite materials, our kids goalie gloves have a good property of wear…

I recommend these gloves for young goalkeepers, as they provide excellent grip and wrist protection.



When I tested the Clbort Soccer Goalie Gloves, I immediately noticed their striking design and comfortable fit. The gloves’ EVA and latex composite materials provide a great grip on the ball, making it easier for young goalies to handle. The dual wrist protection offers a snug and secure fit, minimizing the risk of injuries during training or game sessions.

The gloves are both flexible and durable, with breathable fabric on the sides of the fingers ensuring the hands stay dry and comfortable. The only drawback I noticed was the light color on the fingers, which is prone to getting dirty quickly. Additionally, the gloves had a strong initial chemical smell, but it faded after some time.

Overall, the Clbort Soccer Goalie Gloves are ideal for kids and teens starting out as goalkeepers. The ergonomic design, impressive grip, and protection make them an excellent choice. However, they may not be suitable for heavy use or players looking for professional-level gloves.

What to Considering When Buying Goalkeeper Gloves


In the realm of goalkeeper gloves, grip is paramount. It is the primary factor that ensures the ball doesn’t just slip through a keeper’s fingers, especially during wet conditions or high-pressure situations.

A glove with superior grip enhances your goalkeeper’s confidence, knowing that when they extend their hand to make that crucial save, the ball will stick.

The latex grip on many premium gloves provides this level of assurance. Over time, with wear and tear, the grip might diminish, so regular checks and proper maintenance can help prolong its effectiveness.


While grip is essential for performance, comfort cannot be underestimated.

Imagine diving, catching, and punching the ball with gloves that chafe or are too tight. The right fit enhances a goalkeeper’s overall gameplay, allowing them to focus on the match rather than adjusting ill-fitting gloves.

Moreover, comfort levels in gloves are often determined by factors like the inner lining, foam padding, and flexibility of the backhand. Gloves that mold seamlessly to a child’s hand, providing both snugness and flexibility, can greatly improve their experience on the pitch just like with the best baseball gloves for children.


It’s crucial to select the right size goalkeeper gloves.

Gloves that are too tight can restrict movement, while loose gloves can lead to poor ball grip. Younger goalies with smaller hands might benefit from a negative cut design, which offers a tighter fit around the fingers.

On the other hand, a positive cut design provides more room and can be suitable for kids expecting growth spurts. Always ensure there’s a little space at the fingertips for the best fit.


As we all know, kids grow fast and can be hard on their gear.

For practice, consider going for cheaper gloves, even if they start losing grip faster. But for matches, investing in the best goalkeeper gloves that offer durability and a superior grip, like the Adidas Predator Edge, might be a wise choice.

It doesn’t always mean the highest price tag; sometimes, a mid-range pair of gloves offers the best balance between price, protection, and grip.

Are you looking for a better method to clean your goalkeeper gloves? Watch the video down below!

Final Thoughts

Overall, the best goalkeeper gloves for kids are the EFAH SPORTS Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves for Kids. This is a great pair of goalkeeper gloves that can be used as match gloves or practice gloves – which I’m a huge fan of.

Just remember that the best gloves should have a sticky grip, be comfortable, and be sized correctly for your kid for extra protection on the pitch.

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