5 Best Archery Set for Kids (2023 Guide)

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Choosing the best archery set for kids can be a true adventure in 2023! It’s about more than just buying a toy – it’s about encouraging precision, patience, and outdoor fun for your child. 

In an era where digital distractions are plentiful, what could be more exhilarating than fostering an age-old skill like archery? We understand the importance of making the right choice that combines safety, quality, and value for money. That’s why we have compiled a list of the top archery sets available this year. 

Join me as we explore the finest options available, gain insights on essential factors to consider while making a purchase, and uncover a plethora of additional information. So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Best Archery Set for Kids

These carefully selected sets offer an excellent blend of enjoyment, safety, and skill-building, providing a thrilling introduction to the world of archery while nurturing coordination, focus, and a genuine passion for the sport.

1. Keshes Archery Recurve Youthbow Set

Keshes Archery Recurve Youthbow Set

As a parent, seeing my child developing new hobbies and skills brings me immense joy. The Keshes Archery Recurve Bow and Arrow Youthbow Set was a gift for my 6-year-old, and it proved to be a fantastic introduction to archery. The bow is of a comfortable size and weight for him, and he could handle it easily. It was simple to assemble, which was a significant advantage for us. While not a professional-level bow, it was close enough to offer a realistic archery experience for a beginner.

However, I have some reservations. If your child is older or stronger, say around 13, you might find this bow a little flimsy. It might even break under the force exerted by a stronger child. Additionally, the sight was disappointing, with poorly designed features like loose screws and sharp threads. Furthermore, we found the arrows to contain fiberglass splinters, raising some safety concerns.

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2. BELLOCHIDDO Bow and Arrow

 BELLOCHIDDO Bow and Arrow

The BELLOCHIDDO Bow and Arrow set has definitely exceeded our expectations. From the moment our child laid eyes on it, they were instantly captivated. The set comes with a sleek bow, arrows, a target, and a quiver, all designed with vibrant colors and a child-friendly size. What we love about this set is its emphasis on safety. 

The arrows have suction cups on the tips, ensuring they stick to targets and other suitable surfaces without causing harm. Our child has spent countless hours practicing their aim, and we have noticed a significant improvement in their hand-eye coordination and focus. The BELLOCHIDDO Bow and Arrow set is a fantastic way to keep our child engaged and active and encourage imaginative play and outdoor exploration. 

Overall, we highly recommend this set to any parents looking to spark their child’s interest in archery and promote their overall development.

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3. Adventure Awaits – 2-Pack Handmade Wooden Bow and Arrow Set

Adventure Awaits - 2-Pack Handmade Wooden Bow and Arrow Set

The Adventure Awaits – 2-Pack Handmade Wooden Bow and Arrow Set have captured our attention. When our child unwrapped this set, their eyes lit up with excitement. The craftsmanship of the handmade wooden bows and the attention to detail make this set truly special. 

Our child immediately embarked on countless imaginative adventures, whether playing the hero in a medieval quest or channeling their inner archer. The collection includes 20 wood arrows and 2 quivers, ensuring our little adventurer is always equipped for the journey. We appreciate the emphasis on outdoor play, as this set encourages our children to explore the great outdoors while developing their coordination and focus. 

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4. Bear Archery Brave Bow Set

Bear Archery Brave Bow Set

The bow set is designed for children aged 8-12, making it perfect for my child’s age group. The package includes everything needed to get started: Safety Glass Arrows, a Whisker Biscuit arrow rest, a 1-pin sight, finger rollers, an armguard, and an arrow quiver. The build quality of the bow is excellent, with sturdy composite limbs and a well-made riser. It has a smooth draw cycle, which is ideal for beginners. 

The bow’s adjustability allows it to grow with my child, ensuring they can continue using it as they develop their archery skills. While the set is unsuitable for hunting or bow fishing due to its low poundage and lack of pre-drilled holes, it is an excellent tool for learning and honing shooting mechanics. 

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5. PANDARUS Compound Bow Archery for Youth and Beginner

PANDARUS Compound Bow Archery for Youth and Beginner

My child recently started showing interest in archery, and we decided to purchase the PANDARUS Compound Bow Archery for Youth and Beginners. 

The bow offers a range of adjustable features, including a draw length of 19″-28″ and a draw weight of 15-29 lbs, making it suitable for beginners and youth. The build quality of the bow is commendable, with durable construction and a maximum speed of 260 fps. 

My child could learn and improve their archery skills with proper guidance and supervision, experiencing consistent accuracy with each shot. While the setup process required additional research due to unclear instructions, the bow proved a reliable companion for our archery adventures once correctly assembled. 

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Things to Consider When Buying the Best Archery Set for Kids

Choosing the best archery set for kids is a multi-faceted decision. Several factors come into play, from safety and size to cost and components. Here’s a detailed rundown of what to look for:

Age and Size

The age and physical stature of the child are among the most critical factors. Archery sets are designed for specific age ranges. Consider the physical strength and stature of the child about the bow size, arrow length, and draw weight.

Safety Equipment

Safety should be your utmost priority when buying an archery set for kids. Arm guards and shooting tabs protect the archer’s skin from string slaps, and safety glasses shield the eyes. Regular supervision is also crucial for safety.

Bow Type

Bows come in different types, primarily recurve and compound. Recurve bows like the SAS Spirit Jr., Bear Archery Flash, Bear Archery Titan, and SAS Snake are recommended for beginners due to their lighter weight and more straightforward maintenance. 

Bows like the Genesis Youth Compound Bow, Bear Archery Brave, and Bear Archery Apprentice Compound Bow for Kids are typically heavier and more complex. Still, they’re excellent for target shooting and hunting.

Draw Length and Weight

The draw length of a bow, ranging from 14 to 25 inches, and the draw weight, which varies from under 15 pounds to 15-25 pounds, must be suited to your child’s size and strength. Some bows come with adjustable lengths, adding to their versatility and longevity.

Hand and Eye Dominance

Whether your child is right-handed or left-handed depends on their dominant eye, not just their dominant hand. Determining hand and eye dominance is crucial to ensure accuracy and ease of use.


Arrows are an integral part of any archery set. They come in various materials with different tips. Foam-tipped arrows are often a safer choice for kids. However, the choice of arrows can also depend on whether the archery set is for play, practice, or actual hunting.

Now that you’ve seen the best archery sets, watch the video below to learn the basics of archery!

Final Thoughts

After careful consideration, our best choice for the top archery set for kids in 2023 is the Keshes Archery Recurve Youthbow Set.

With its exceptional quality, adjustable features, and comprehensive set of accessories, this set offers the perfect balance of safety, performance, and value for young archers.

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