40+ Basketball Jokes for Kids (2023)

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Is it true that basketball can’t be funny? Young people who dream of hoops and slam dunks can laugh at jump shots. B-ball is more than just getting points; it’s also about having fun off the court! 

This post has more than 40 funny basketball jokes that are safe for kids. No matter if you share these jokes during a break or not, they will make someone silly!

Kids Basketball Jokes

Basketball Jokes For Kids

Why did the basketball team go to the bank? To get their bounce checks.

Why can’t basketball players go on vacation? They would get called for traveling.

Why was the belt arrested on the basketball court? For holding up a pair of shorts.

What did the basketball say to the net? I think we’re caught up in a net relationship.

Why did the scarecrow win the basketball game? Because he was outstanding in his field!

Why was Cinderella so bad at basketball? Because she ran away from the ball.

Why did the basketball report to the computer? It wanted to check its stats.

What’s a basketball player’s favorite kind of donut? A slam dunkin’ donut.

How do basketball players stay cool during games? They stand next to the fans!

Why was the computer cold at the basketball game? It had too many windows.

 What do basketball players do when they lose a game? Netflix and chill.

 Why did the bicycle go to the basketball game? It was tired of being stationary.

 Why did the tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing and the basketball dunking!

Why did the chicken join the basketball team? He heard the coach was looking for fowls.

Why was the basketball court so hot after the game? All the shots were on fire!

How can basketball players diet? By cutting back on their fast breaks.

What is a ghost’s favorite basketball move? The boo-layup.

 Why was the basketball player such a good musician? He had the perfect court composition.

How do you know if a basketball player has a cold? He has a lot of dribble.

What’s a basketball’s favorite music? Hip-hop.

How do basketball players stay hydrated? Dunking in water.

Why was the math book good at basketball? It had all the right angles.

What do basketball players wear on Halloween? Jump-scares.

How do you comfort a basketball? You pat it on the backboard.

What did the basketball say to the soccer ball? You can’t handle me when I bounce!

What is a basketball player’s favorite snack? Dunkaroos.

How do basketball players flirt? They pass a lot of sweet assists.

Why did the basketball team go to the art school? To learn how to draw fouls.

How did the basketball compliment the player? You’ve got game!

Why did the basketball apply for a job? It wanted to get picked up.

What do basketball players say during an argument? Let’s take this outside the paint!

Why did the basketball sit on the bench during the game? It was deflated.

How did the teddy bear score in basketball? With a bear-y good shot!

Why don’t basketball players write tests? They prefer to take shots.

How do you call a basketball game for bees? A buzz-ker!

Why did the cat sit on the bench during the basketball game? It was a paw-sitive choice.

Why did the book join the basketball team? It had a lot of stories to rebound.

How do you impress a female basketball player? By giving her a bouquet of jump roses.

Why was the math problem so good at basketball? Because it had the solution to every problem on the court.

How does a snowman play basketball? By using a snowball!

Why was the fish so bad at basketball? It was afraid of the net.

How do you teach basketball to read? Dribble by dribble.

Are you wondering what it would like if your kids are trying to play basketball for the first time? Check out the video below!

Final Thoughts

The collection of 40+ Basketball Jokes for Kids is a fun mix of humor and basketball lingo that is sure to make kids who like the game laugh. 

Kids can enjoy these jokes for fun, and they also teach them about the game’s terms and ideas in a subtle way. A straight-up hit when it comes to mixing fun with some useful information!