Heirloom Accessories: Using Vintage Toys

By KidSpaceStuff •  Updated: 06/14/24 •  1 min read

Hey there! Remember that snuggly teddy bear or that action figure you took EVERYWHERE as a kid? Yup, that’s your kiddo’s future “vintage” toy. Crazy, right?

Turns out, we adults get all mushy and nostalgic over old toys too. Just one look at a classic toy and BOOM, we’re time-traveling back to our childhood. Those toys? They’re like little time capsules, full of memories! Why not sprinkle some of that magic in your kids’ rooms? It’s a fab way to share family tales and history.

And hey, “vintage” isn’t code for “dinosaur age.” Your childhood toys? Totally vintage to your little ones. No need to dig out that century-old doll from the attic.

Got a toy that’s more “look, don’t touch”? Perfect for nurseries or teen rooms. For the little explorers, go for the sturdy classics they can play with and adore just as much as you did.

Ready to sprinkle some nostalgia? Here are some cool ways to deck out their rooms with those beloved heirlooms!

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