10 Cheap Places to Have a Birthday Party (For Anyone!)

By KidSpaceStuff •  Updated: 06/14/24 •  7 min read

Is it your birthday soon, but you’re on a budget tighter than a drum? You’re not alone! Throwing a memorable party doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg—sometimes, creativity trumps cash. There are countless inexpensive places to celebrate that won’t skimp on fun, whether turning 21 or hitting a milestone like the big 5-0.

In this article, I’ll guide you to throwing an unforgettable bash without breaking the bank. From community centers and parks to unique DIY spaces, you’ll find that a great party is more about the people and the atmosphere than the price tag. So please put on your party hat, and let’s dive in!

10 Cheap Places to Have a Birthday Party

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1. At Home

The best place to have a free party is at your own home. Depending on the time of year, a party in the backyard can be a great idea.

Hosting a party at home is a good idea because it’s free, easy to set up, you don’t have to move anything, and you already have a bathroom and kitchen.

Among the things to think about are parking, a place to sit, and something to do. Renting an inflatable house or something similar can be more expensive than reserving a place. Having a party at home doesn’t have to be cheap.

2. Public Park

One of the most budget-friendly options, a public park offers ample space for games, a picnic, and even a BBQ. With nature as your backdrop, you can get creative with outdoor activities like a scavenger hunt or frisbee. 

Some parks also have pavilions that you can rent for a nominal fee, which could be helpful in case of unpredictable weather. Just remember to check for any permits you might need.

3. Community Center 

Local community centers often have rooms you can rent at an affordable rate. These spaces are usually well-maintained and have basic amenities like tables, chairs, and sometimes even a kitchen. Community centers are a blank canvas that you can decorate to fit any theme, making them a versatile option for birthday celebrations.

4. Beach

A beach party can be a fun and economical choice if you live near the coast. Activities can include swimming, sandcastle building, and beach volleyball. You could have a picnic or a bonfire if the beach allows it. Check local regulations for permits or restrictions on activities like fires or late-night events.

5. Your Backyard 

Sometimes, the best place to throw a party is your own home. You can set up games, a BBQ, or even a small inflatable pool for a summer birthday if you have a backyard. 

This eliminates the venue cost, allowing you to focus your budget on food, decorations, and other party essentials.

6. Library Meeting Room

Believe it or not, some libraries offer meeting rooms that can be rented for private events. This can be an ideal, low-cost venue for smaller gatherings or a child’s birthday party with a book or educational theme. Facilities vary, so check what’s available in your local library system.

7. Church Hall

If you’re a congregation member, you may be able to use the church hall for a minimal donation. 

These spaces are usually quite spacious and come equipped with tables and chairs. They often have a kitchen, too, saving you money on food preparation.

8. Local Farm 

A local farm could be a unique and budget-friendly venue if you’re in a rural area. Many farms offer picnic areas and the chance to interact with animals, which can be especially enjoyable for kids. Always check beforehand what amenities they provide and if there are any restrictions.

9. School Gymnasium

If you’re associated with a school or educational institution, you may be able to rent the gymnasium for a minimal fee. 

School gyms are spacious and can be suitable for larger gatherings. They also provide an indoor setting, making weather less of an issue.

10. Friend’s Place 

Last but not least, consider pooling resources with a friend who has an excellent place for hosting. Not only could this make for a more intimate and relaxed setting, but the shared responsibility can also reduce your financial and planning burden.

How Much Should it Cost to Throw a Birthday Party?

The cost of throwing a birthday party can vary widely depending on several factors, including location, number of guests, and the type of celebration you have in mind. Here’s a breakdown of some potential costs:

  1. Venue: This could range from free (your home or a public park) to several hundred dollars (renting out a space).
  2. Food and Drink: Costs vary from inexpensive snacks like chips and BYOB to a full-catered meal. Budgeting $5–$10 per person for a modest party for food is reasonable.
  3. Decorations: Balloons, streamers, and table settings could set you back anywhere from $20 to $100, depending on how elaborate you want to get.
  4. Entertainment: Whether hiring a DJ a magician, or opting for a DIY playlist, entertainment could cost you nothing or go up to several hundred dollars.
  5. Invitations: Digital invites are free, but printed ones can cost $20-$50, depending on the quality and quantity.
  6. Party Favors: These are optional and could range from $1 to $10 per guest.
  7. Miscellaneous: Things like a cake, candles, and potentially renting tables or chairs can also add to the cost.

What to Consider When Selecting a Place to Have a Birthday Party

Choosing the right place to hold a birthday party is one of the most critical steps. But with so many choices, how do you decide which is best? Whether you’re having a small get-together or a big party, some key things to consider will help you make the best choice. Here are the five most important things to consider when picking a place to hold your special event.


This is often the first thing to consider when planning any event. Your budget will dictate the scope of your party and the venues available to you. Some places might have hidden costs like cleaning fees or required insurance, so always read the fine print and ask questions.


The venue should be able to accommodate your guest list comfortably. An overcrowded space can make the event uncomfortable, while a too-large venue might feel empty and need more energy. Always check the maximum capacity of a place and consider how your activities will fit into the available space.


Choose a venue that is convenient for most attendees. Consider factors like distance from home, accessibility via public transport, and parking availability. If guests consume alcohol, consider how they will safely get home.


Different venues offer varying amenities. Do you need a kitchen for food preparation, or will you be catering? Is a sound system provided, or will you need to bring your own? Are there enough restrooms for your guests? Make a list of essential features and ensure the venue meets those needs.

Are you wondering how to give your kids a surprise party? Check out the video below!


Last, be aware of any limitations the venue might impose. This could include restrictions on food and drink, noise levels, and end times for the party. Some places might also have rules about decorations, so always check what is and isn’t allowed.

Final Thoughts 

Choosing a venue for a birthday party doesn’t have to be a stressful or expensive ordeal. Sometimes, the most memorable celebrations come from simple, budget-friendly places that focus on fun, camaraderie, and the birthday honoree. Whether it’s a sun-soaked day at the beach, a cozy gathering in your backyard, or a creative bash at a local community center, the options for affordable venues are plentiful. 

Remember, the most vital elements of any party are the memories you create and the joy you share with loved ones. So don’t let budget constraints dim the sparkle of your special day; instead, let them inspire you to think outside the box and craft a celebration that is uniquely yours. Happy planning!