Best Ski Boots For Kids (2023 Guide)

By KidSpaceStuff •  Updated: 03/16/24 •  9 min read

Skiing has always been a beloved winter pastime in my family, and as a parent, I understand the importance of equipping my kids with the right gear. Finding the perfect pair of ski boots is at the top of the list, and it can be a challenge. 

In this article, I’ll share my insights on the best ski boots for kids, taking into account key aspects such as comfort, fit, warmth, and adaptability to growth. My goal is to help you navigate the options and choose the boots that will keep your little ones safe, warm, and excited about their next ski adventure. Let’s dive in!

Best Ski Boots For Kids

1. Roces IDEA Free Adjustable Ski Boot

Roces IDEA Free Adjustable Ski Boot Black

The Roces IDEA Free Adjustable Ski Boots are a lifesaver from a parent’s perspective. It’s always a challenge to find ski boots that fit perfectly for growing kids, but these adjustable boots have taken a lot of that worry away. 

They’ve proven to be an excellent choice for my children, offering comfort, adaptability, and value for money. We’ve been using them for a couple of ski seasons now, and they’re holding up incredibly well.

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2. Roces Idea Free Kids Ski Boots

Roces Idea Free Kids Ski Boots

As a parent, finding ski boots for our growing kids that offer both performance and comfort is always challenging. Roces Idea Free Adjustable Kids Ski boots are fantastic for kids aged ten and over, combining durability and comfort in one package. 

What I appreciate most about these boots is their 6-in-1 adjustable system. It’s like magic – they grow with our child. Our child found the boots easy to put on and take off, and I have seen a comfortable and happy face throughout our ski trips. The cozy liner ensures warmth and ample cushioning for a snug fit, making the ski experience joyful and comfortable.

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3. Dalbello Green Menace 4

Dalbello Green Menace 4 GW Ski Boot Kids

When choosing the proper ski boots for our young skier, we sought something that would enhance performance and offer superior comfort. And that’s precisely what we found in the Dalbello GREEN MENACE 4.0 GW Ski Boots. 

These boots genuinely live up to their reputation, combining a lightweight design with a 4-buckle overlap that helps improve performance on the slopes. The high-tech transparent shell gives the boots a cool, edgy look, ensuring quick responsiveness and a versatile fit. The premounted GripWalk Junior soles make a massive difference in comfort when walking around. 

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4. Tecnica Cochise Jr Ski Boot

Tecnica Cochise Jr Ski Boot

As parents, it was hard for us to find ski boots for our young skier. Before they find out about the Tecnica Cochise Jr., Young powder riders will wear these boots. The thermoformable lining of Junior Pro makes them comfy and long-lasting. 

The power strap, the four micro-adjustable buckles, and the 60-flex grade ensure you will have fun on fresh snow. They were made for skilled downhill skiers but were flexible and great for various surfaces. We liked how the polyurethane shell transferred power and held on to the edges. We also liked how well the T-Ride walk system connected the cuff to the body.

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5. Dalbello Sports Gaia 3.0

Dalbello Sports Gaia 3.0

The Dalbello Gaia 3.0 GW Jr. was the best ski boot for our daughter. We like these boots because they are well-made and made from already-worn things. People who are just starting can apply pressure with the help of the 3-buckle design and 30 flex. 

The Supercomfort J liners and GripWalk feet in her shoes make it easy for her to walk. Three metal buckles and a unique fit keep the shoe stable, transfer power, and support the foot. The thermal padding in her liner keeps her warm on and off the ski slopes. These boots are made so they can be used over and over again.

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What to Consider When Purchasing Ski Boots

Buying ski boots for kids requires careful thought and consideration. It’s essential to ensure that the boots are safe and suitable for your child’s skiing ability and that they will be comfortable and promote healthy foot development. 

Here are some factors you should consider:


The most critical aspect is ensuring the boots fit properly. Ski boots that are too small can be uncomfortable and restrict circulation, whereas those that are too large can hinder control and cause blisters. 

When measuring your child’s foot, do it in the afternoon or evening, as feet swell during the day. Use a ski boot size chart for reference. Remember that ski boot sizes are different from street shoe sizes.

Don`t know how to choose sizes for your kids? Check out the video below.


The flex rating of ski boots indicates how flexible or stiff they are. Kids’ ski boots typically have lower flex ratings, making them more flexible and easier to bend at the ankle. A lower flex is more forgiving for beginners, whereas a higher flex provides more control for advanced skiers.

Skill Level

Beginners and intermediate skiers generally need softer, more comfortable boots, while advanced skiers may benefit from a stiffer boot that offers more control and precision. If your child is a beginner, opt for boots that prioritize comfort and warmth to encourage their enthusiasm for the sport.


Uncomfortable boots can ruin a day on the slopes. Look for boots with a padded liner for extra comfort and warmth. If your child complains of discomfort or pain, it may be worth investing in custom footbeds or liners.

Boot Type

Various types of ski boots are available for kids, like rear-entry boots, which are easier for kids to get on and off due to a hinge at the back, and overlap boots, which offer more performance and control. The right type depends on the child’s age and skill level.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the best ski boots for kids is crucial to their comfort, safety, and overall enjoyment of the sport. While numerous options are on the market, tailored to various skill levels and needs, it’s paramount to find the pair that best fits your child’s feet and skiing style. After careful consideration and in-depth analysis, my top choice for kids’ ski boots is the Roces IDEA Free Adjustable Ski Boot.

This boot stood out because of its innovative design that grows with your child, mitigating the need for frequent replacements. The comfort, durability, and water-resistant features of this boot ensure warmth and protection on the slopes and guarantee value for money.

Thanks for reading!