7 Best Omega 3 for Kids (2024 Guide)

By KidSpaceStuff •  Updated: 06/24/24 •  13 min read

As a mom always on the hunt for the best for my kiddo, I’ve become kinda obsessed with omega-3s.

Who knew fish oil supplements were such a game changer?

They’re all about brain health, eye development, and just keeping our little ones thriving. And let me tell you, with so many options out there (shoutout to Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA!), picking the right one feels like a whole adventure.

Here are some of the best fish oil and omega 3 fatty acid supplements for kids that I’ve found!

Best Omega 3 Fatty Acid Supplements for Healthy Growth

1. Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Jr., Strawberry

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Jr., Strawberry – 120 Mini Soft Gels – 680…
  • WHY OMEGA-3S – The omega-3s in Ultimate Omega Jr. benefit brain health, mood, and learning, as well as normal cognitive function and social…
  • HIGH-POTENCY FORMULA – This omega-3 fish oil formula offers a potent, kid-sized serving of EPA & DHA in a strawberry-flavored mini soft gel…

If you are looking for omega-3 supplements for your kids, we highly recommend Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Jr. for its potency, flavor, and overall benefits.



As parents, we want the best for our kids, and when it comes to omega-3 supplements, we found that Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Jr. stands out. The high-potency formula provides EPA and DHA for brain health, mood, and learning in a delicious strawberry flavor that our kids genuinely enjoy.

The mini soft gels are designed for easy swallowing or chewing, but admittedly, some kids might still find them a bit large. Nevertheless, it’s a great alternative to liquid fish oil, which can be a challenge for children to take due to taste.

In terms of quality, we appreciate that Nordic Naturals prioritizes purity and third-party testing. The Ultimate Omega Jr. is non-GMO, gluten and dairy-free, without any artificial colors or flavors. Although it’s on the pricier side, we believe that investing in the health and wellness of our kids is worth it. Overall, we highly recommend this omega-3 supplement for parents who want to support their children’s development and promote optimal wellness.

2. Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA, Strawberry

Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA, Strawberry – 8 oz for Kids – 530 mg…
  • WHY OMEGA-3S – Children’s DHA is a naturally balanced source of the omega-3s EPA and DHA that growing kids need for healthy development….
  • SAFE & RELIABLE – This liquid fish oil is made from 100% wild Arctic cod. Purified fish oil is the safest and most reliable source of…

We believe Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA is a top choice for omega-3 supplementation for kids, thanks to its optimal absorption, taste, and purity.



We were impressed by the natural, balanced source of EPA and DHA in Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA, which is essential for kids’ healthy development. It is made from 100% wild Arctic cod, making it a safe and reliable choice. The triglyceride form of this fish oil ensures better absorption and the strawberry flavor is enjoyable for children.

However, we noticed that the fish smell can become stronger as the product ages, which may be off-putting for some kids. Also, the liquid form might not be ideal for all children, and the fact that this product is discontinued by the manufacturer could limit its availability.

In conclusion, Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA is a great omega-3 option for kids, but potential drawbacks should be considered. If the product’s benefits align with your family’s needs and preferences, we strongly recommend giving it a try.

3. Nordic Naturals Zero Sugar Children’s DHA Gummies

Nordic Naturals Zero Sugar Children’s DHA Gummy Chews, Tropical Punch -…
  • WHY OMEGA-3S – Omega-3 EPA & DHA support healthy brain & nervous system development, learning, and immune function. These yummy omega-3 fish…
  • ON-THE-GO CONVENIENCE – Not every toddler will eat fish, which can make it hard for them to get the omega-3 EPA & DHA they need….

These gummies are a convenient and tasty way to ensure kids receive a healthy dose of Omega-3s for brain development and immune support.



We recently introduced Nordic Naturals Zero Sugar Children’s DHA Gummies in our kids’ routine, and we must say, they have been a hit! The tropical punch flavor makes these gummies irresistible for children aged 2 and above, and it’s a great way to ensure they’re getting essential Omega-3s for healthy brain and nervous system development.

The gummies come in convenient individually sealed foil packs, making them perfect for families always on the go. Plus, they’re third-party tested, ensuring purity and freshness – important factors for any health supplement.

On the flip side, they are a bit pricey compared to other Omega-3 supplements in the market. The gummies also contain sorbitol, which might not be ideal for those looking for natural sweeteners. Lastly, some kids may not appreciate the texture of the gummies, although the taste itself has been well-received.

In conclusion, these Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Children’s Gummies offer a delicious and convenient solution for parents seeking to support their kids’ learning and immune function. Be mindful of the cons if you’re considering making a purchase, but overall, they are a great choice for kids’ Omega-3 supplementation.

4. Coromega MAX High Concentrate Omega 3 Fish Oil

Coromega MAX High Concentrate Omega 3 Fish Oil, 2400mg Omega-3s with 3X…
  • FASTER RECOVERY – Recover from intense workouts and related injuries 3 times faster with Coromega Omega-3 fish oil supplement packets…
  • DITCH THE PILLS – Coromega’s squeeze packets couldn’t be easier to take. Simply tear off the top and squeeze directly into mouth, onto a…

This Omega-3 supplement is great for kids, providing maximum benefits with an enjoyable taste and no fishy aftertaste.



We recently tried the Coromega MAX High Concentrate Omega 3 Fish Oil and noticed its impressive benefits for kids. The unique emulsification formula offers a three times more efficient absorption rate than traditional pills, ensuring they get the full benefits of 2400mg of Omega-3 fatty acids.

The delicious Citrus Burst flavor is a game-changer—no more struggling with fishy aftertaste or bad breath. Kids can easily consume it on its own or mix it with their favorite yogurt or smoothie.

The fish oil used in the Coromega supplement is ultra-refined and purified, meeting or exceeding all government and international standards for purity and safety.

However, there are some drawbacks. The product is not eligible for international shipping, and exposure to heat or sunlight may cause damage. Additionally, the packet form may require supervision for younger children to ensure the proper dosage.

Overall, the Coromega MAX High Concentrate Omega 3 Fish Oil is a delicious and effective way for kids to get their daily Omega-3s.

5. MaryRuth Organics Vegan Omega 3 Gummies

MaryRuth Organics Vegan Omega 3 Gummies for Kids 2+, 2 Month Supply, Sugar…
  • Omega Gummies for Kids: Help support immune function and the overall health of your child with our Vegan Omega-3 Gummies formulated for…
  • Multiple Benefits: Made from alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) derived from flaxseed, one of the richest plant sources of the omega-3 fatty acid….

Consider purchasing these gummies for a vegan-friendly, tasty, and easy-to-add omega-3 supplement for your child’s health.



We recently tried the MaryRuth Organics Vegan Omega 3 Gummies for our kids, and they were a great fit! These easy-to-chew gummies offer a delicious, non-fishy taste and are formulated from a vegan source of omega-3 fatty acids derived from flaxseed. It was a pleasant surprise to find an omega-3 supplement that our picky eaters actually enjoyed taking.

These gummies are particularly beneficial for children’s immune function and overall health. They are also sugar-free which is an added bonus for us. However, they may not be suitable for everyone, as they might not cater to all dietary restrictions.

One minor issue we faced was that the gummies tended to stick together in the bottle, which can be a bit of a hassle. Additionally, while we noticed improvements in our kids’ energy levels, some users might be unsure of its effectiveness. Overall, we feel confident recommending these MaryRuth Organics Vegan Omega 3 Gummies as a tasty, easy, and vegan-friendly way to support your child’s health.

6. Naturesage Pure Vegan Liquid Omega 3 6 9 Oil

Naturesage Pure Vegan Liquid Omega 3 Oil, Plant-Based Alternative to Omega…
  • CLARY SAGE SEED OIL: Naturesage provides the perfect balance of Omega 3 to Omega 6, with a 4:1 ratio, along with natural vitamin E,…
  • VEGAN OMEGA 3 BENEFITS: Extracted from the seeds of the Clary Sage, this oil uses a cold press technique to preserve the potency of the…

This vegan omega supplement is an excellent choice for kids, offering balanced Omega 3, 6, and 9, along with a variety of health benefits and eco-friendly production.



Our experience with Naturesage Pure Vegan Liquid Omega 3 6 9 Oil has been positive. We appreciate the unique cold-pressed Clary Sage Seed Oil extraction technique, which preserves the quality and potency of the Omega 3, 6, and 9 nutrients. The eco-friendly production practices also make us feel good about supporting this brand.

However, since it is unflavored, we had to experiment with different ways to incorporate this oil into our kids’ meals. Some ideas that worked for us include smoothies, baked goods, and salads. The price might be higher than other options on the market, but considering the quality, we think it’s worth the investment.

Overall, we believe Naturesage Pure Vegan Liquid Omega 3 6 9 Oil is a great kid-friendly supplement and an excellent plant-based alternative to fish oil.

7. Natural Force Pure Omega 3

Natural Force Pure Omega 3 – Liquid Fish Oil – Delicious Lemon Cake Flavor…
  • 🐟 The Best Liquid Lemon Fish Oil – Get the benefits of omega 3s without the discomfort of hard to swallow capsules. Just one teaspoon of…
  • 🍋 Delicious Lemon Cake Flavor – Say goodbye to “fish burps”! Pure Omega-3 has a delicious lemon cake flavor that makes it perfect for…

We highly recommend the Natural Force Pure Omega 3 for kids due to its delicious flavor and high-quality ingredients.



We’ve been using the Natural Force Pure Omega 3 liquid fish oil for our kids, and we are impressed with the results. There’s no need to worry about our little ones struggling to swallow capsules, as just one teaspoon contains a sufficient dose of omega-3s. It’s effortless to incorporate into a smoothie or shake, or even to take straight off the spoon.

One selling point we love about this product is the delightful lemon cake flavor. There are no “fish burps” to worry about, making it a lot more palatable for kids. It’s also reassuring to know that the product is lab tested for purity and made from sustainably sourced wild-caught fish.

However, the bottle design can be a bit messy when pouring, and the product may not work well with individuals who have sensory issues. Additionally, it is slightly more expensive than some alternative omega-3 supplements. Overall, we find the Natural Force Pure Omega 3 to be a great option for parents looking for a high-quality, delicious omega-3 supplement for their kids.

What to Consider When Buying Omega 3 Fatty Acids for Kids

1. Source and Quality of Omega-3s

Choosing the best omega-3 for kids starts by considering the source.

The very finest fish oil typically comes from fatty fish like salmon. While fish oil supplements have gained popularity for their numerous health benefits, it’s crucial to differentiate between high-quality fish oil and lesser variants.

Fish oil, specifically from cold-water fish, is known to support brain and eye health. The very finest fish oil, free from heavy metals, is a preferred choice. Brands like Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA emphasize purity, making them popular choices for parents.

2. Essential Fatty Acids: EPA and DHA

Fish oil supplements contain two essential fatty acids crucial for children’s brains: EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Both fatty acids play a significant role in brain development and healthy brain function. DHA, in particular, has been linked to brain growth and eye development.

When considering how much fish oil to include in your child’s diet, look at the label to check the amounts of DHA and EPA. Consulting your child’s healthcare provider can offer guidance tailored to your child’s age and needs.

3. Form, Flavor, and Acceptability

Many children can be picky, especially when it comes to dietary supplements with a fishy taste.

Thankfully, top brands have made taking fish oil more palatable for kids. For instance, fish oil supplements like Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA come with natural fruit flavors, minimizing the fishy aftertaste. Whether you’re considering soft gels, liquid, or chewable options, it’s essential to find a dietary supplement that fits seamlessly into your child’s daily routine, ensuring they get all the necessary nutrients.

4. Brand Reliability and Testing

One of the most significant concerns for parents is ensuring the fish oil supplements they provide are safe and of high quality, just like magnesium supplements.

Reputable brands ensure their products are third-party tested, adhering to standards like the International Fish Oil Standards. Such testing ensures that the fish oils are free from contaminants. Brands with transparent practices and a solid reputation, such as Nordic Naturals Children’s DHA, offer more assurance for parents aiming to benefit children with the health benefits of omega-3s.

Benefits of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

1. Brain Booster

As a parent, I’m always looking for ways to support my child’s cognitive development. I’ve found that omega-3 fatty acids are essential for brain growth and function. They play a role in enhancing memory and concentration which is crucial during those school years.

2. Vision Enhancer

It’s amazing to learn that omega-3s play a role in my child’s eye health. DHA, a type of omega-3, is a major structural component of the retina, and getting enough of it can help improve their vision.

3. Mood Regulator

Children can sometimes be moody, and while it’s a natural part of growing up, I’ve read that omega-3s can help in maintaining a balanced mood and even reducing the risk of mood disorders.

4. Immunity Builder

My little one’s health is my top priority. Omega-3 fatty acids help boost their immune system, so they’re better equipped to fend off those schoolyard germs.

5. Bone Strengthener

While calcium and vitamin D get a lot of the spotlight, omega-3s also play a role in bone health. They help improve bone strength, ensuring my child can play and grow without worries.


What is the ideal omega-3 dosage for children of different ages?

The ideal omega-3 dosage for children varies depending on their age and specific needs. In general, it is recommended that children aged 1-3 years old consume around 150mg EPA and DHA daily, while children aged 4-8 years old should aim for 250mg per day. Teens and older children can increase their intake to 500mg daily. However, it is crucial to consult a pediatrician or healthcare professional before starting any supplementation.

Which DHA supplements are best for toddlers?

There are plenty of DHA supplements available for toddlers, but not all of them may be suitable for your child. It’s important to look for products that have undergone third-party testing and are sourced from reputable manufacturers. Some popular DHA supplements for toddlers include fish oil-based options, algae-based alternatives for those with fish allergies or dietary restrictions, and flavored or chewable options to make it more appealing to picky eaters.

Can a 6-month-old baby take fish oil?

It’s generally not recommended to provide fish oil supplements to infants younger than 6 months old, as breast milk or formula should provide all the necessary nutrients. However, once the baby starts solid foods, it is essential to include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like fish and seafood. For babies with allergies or dietary restrictions, algae-based omega-3 supplements could be considered. Still, it is crucial to consult a pediatrician before starting any supplements for a baby.

Here’s a great video explaining why omega-3 is good for you and your kids.

Final Thoughts

Essential fatty acids can have a major impact on your child’s brain function and development, and if your child’s diet doesn’t contain enough of them, you could be cutting their overall health short.

Overall, the best omega 3 supplement for kids is the Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Jr., Strawberry because of its potent formula and easy to swallow pills.