9 Best Microphones for Kids (2024)

By KidSpaceStuff •  Updated: 06/29/24 •  12 min read

Looking for the best microphone for kids? Check out these amazing options that your kids will love!

Best Kids Microphones

1. VTech Karaoke Mic

VTech Sing It Out Karaoke Bluetooth Microphone , White
  • Choose from 15 preloaded children’s songs like “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Old MacDonald” to sing along to; drop out the lyrics with the press…
  • Sing with color-changing lights flashing from the microphone; hear encouragement and applause after you perform

We think the VTech Karaoke Mic is a fun and interactive choice for toddlers who love to sing and perform.



We’ve had a blast with this little microphone. It’s compact enough for the little ones to manage and tough enough to endure the occasional drop. Having tried out the various voice effects, we assure you they’re a surefire hit that keeps the laughter going.

We really appreciated the Bluetooth function which seamlessly streams our playlists, providing endless entertainment with songs that we know by heart. The preloaded children’s songs are a delightful way to introduce the classics to the kids.

Our only gripe — we’ve been through a good number of AAA batteries. It’s a minor issue compared to the hours of fun and the sight of youngsters confidently belting out their favorite tunes. With its vibrant lights and kid-friendly design, this microphone is a gem in the world of children’s karaoke.

2. Amazmic Kids Karaoke Mic

Amazmic Kids Karaoke Microphone Machine Toys for Girls Bluetooth Microphone…
  • 【All-in-One Karaoke Microphone Toy】Portable hand-held microphones can be used as microphone, karaoke machine, high quality speaker,…
  • 【Magic Sound + Multi-Colored LED Lights】Advanced 3-layers noise reduction technology will ensure high-quality, crystal-clear sound….

We recommend this for its engaging features that ensure kids have loads of musical fun.



We’ve had a blast testing the Amazmic karaoke microphone. Its portability is a huge plus, letting us take the musical experience just about anywhere. The magic sound effects add an amusing twist to performances, which we found delightful.

The LED lights create an instant party atmosphere, which has been a hit during gatherings. They flash in sync with the music and voices, adding a new dimension to karaoke sessions.

However, we noticed that after a few hours of non-stop singing, a recharge was necessary. Another point worth mentioning is the volume; it’s quite powerful for a kids’ toy. Some parents might find it necessary to monitor the level.

Despite a few minor downsides, we’ve found it to be a solid choice for any kid (or adult) who loves to sing and perform.

3. BONAOK Kids Karaoke Mic

BONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone, 3-in-1 Portable Handheld Mic…
  • 【PARTICULAR DESIGN】 – The excellent design of karaoke microphones is very suitable for your hand, which let you feel more comfortable….
  • 【TWO WAYS CONNECTION】- Bluetooth Connection & Cable Connection. You just need to connect your phone with cable or Bluetooth, and then…

We think this karaoke microphone is a hit for kids’ parties and family fun with its user-friendly design and versatile features.



After recently trying out the BONAOK microphone on a family gathering, we appreciated its comfortable grip and straightforward Bluetooth connectivity. Sing-along sessions are made more accessible by its intuitive controls.

The carry-around convenience allows children to enjoy music and singing anywhere; we noticed this added a joyful mood to our picnic outing.

However, we did notice the need to max out the volume for robust sound, and when not held properly, it’s prone to feedback. Suitable for casual use, the sound clarity makes kids feel like superstars, though audiophiles might seek higher fidelity.

4. WEYMIC Classic Dynamic Mic

weymic Wm58 Classic Style Dynamic Vocal Instrument with Clean Sound, Metal…
  • classic style microphone vocal microphone Audio Instrument
  • frequency response tailored for vocals

We think the WEYMIC Classic Dynamic Mic is a smart choice for those needing a no-fuss, sturdy microphone for kids.



Upon unboxing the WEYMIC Classic Dynamic Mic, we were instantly struck by its solid, metallic construction, reminiscent of timeless microphones but without the heaviness. Kids find it easy to maneuver, and its sound quality is surprisingly crisp, doing justice to both spoken word and song.

Our experience with it during a mock recording session highlighted its clarity and the way it effortlessly projected our voices without any unwanted interference. Even without a built-in on/off switch, operation remained straightforward.

Admittedly, having to buy a separate cable is a bit of a letdown. However, once hooked up to an XLR compatible sound system, the microphone impressively captured nuances in vocal performances, though its uni-directionality requires a bit of mic technique to avoid missing sound input from the sides.

5. Motown Magic Mic

Motown Magic, Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone | includes 30 Famous Songs |Kids…
  • 30 FAMOUS SONGS – Hit Motown Magic songs by artists like Stevie Wonder, Jackson 5, and Marvin Gaye include “Superstition”, “ABC”,…
  • PLAY ANY SONG – Bluetooth connection allows kids to sing along to any song. Functions as a Bluetooth speaker, so connect to kid’s…

We found this karaoke microphone to be a hit for kids who love to perform.



Our hands-on experience with the Motown Magic Mic was joyous as it brought a lot of fun and music into our space. Intuitively designed, this microphone has a solid feel and is adorned with a bright, all-pink color, making it instantly appealing to children. The pre-loaded tunes saved us time and effort, letting the kids jump straight into singing classics like “My Girl” and “Superstition” without a hitch.

We appreciated the Bluetooth feature which worked seamlessly, connecting to our playlists on Spotify and YouTube effortlessly. This dual function as a karaoke mic and Bluetooth speaker provided us with versatility.

Recharging was a breeze and the battery longevity meant entertainment lasted well beyond bedtime. The voice effects added a layer of hilarious fun, with the chipmunk and echo being our personal favorites, endlessly amusing for the little ones.

Yet, we noted the color might not be everyone’s first choice, and for older kids or those with more nuanced musical tastes, the song variety might feel limited. Additionally, for quieter environments, the maximum volume could be overpowering, though adjusting it was straightforward.

Overall, the Motown Magic Mic stood out for its user-friendly design and robust features, ensuring that any kid with a flair for music and performance would find this as a captivating gift.

6. VERKB Karaoke Mic for Kids

VERKB Kids Karaoke Microphone, Kids Toys Bluetooth Microphone, Birthday for…
  • 【Multi-function Karaoke Toys】As a wireless mic, bluetooth speaker, player, recorder, voice changer and selfie function for kids, three…
  • 【Easy to Connect】Only connect your phone with Bluetooth, no need to download extra APP. Open the bluetooth of mobile phone, click it to…

We think this vibrant light blue VERKB microphone is a blast for any child keen on singing and performing.



Having given the VERKB Kids Karaoke Microphone a whirl, we found that it pairs with devices smoothly, avoiding any complicated setup. With clever voice effects, kids get a kick out of sounding like a monster or a munchkin—great fun for pretend play. They can sing for hours, thanks to the durable battery, making it ideal for parties or long drives.

On the downside, if you’re expecting professional-quality sound, it’s not quite there; but for a child’s toy, it holds its own. We’d prefer a sturdier feel to it, as kids will be kids, and things can get dropped. Also, be ready for a loud voice when you turn it on—little ones love it, but it might give you a jump.

Overall, we’re impressed with its capabilities, especially considering it as a gift.

7. OVELLIC Kids Mic

OVELLIC Karaoke Microphone for Kids, Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone…
  • 【Integrated Microphone】The portable karaoke microphone, let you sing anywhere! It will be an awesome Bluetooth speaker If you want to…
  • 【Bluetooth 5.0】After turn on the Bluetooth function, When you turn on the microphone, the microphone will automatically connect. Instant…

Whether you’re planning a family karaoke night or your child loves to perform, the OVELLIC Karaoke Microphone is an entertainer’s delight, combining fun features with practical use.



We found the OVELLIC Karaoke Microphone a hit during our family gatherings. Its easy-to-use interface allowed the kids to independently control their performances. The microphone’s built-in lights added a pop of fun, flashing in tune with the music which definitely heightened the excitement. However, when we cranked up the volume for an outdoor birthday party, we noticed the battery drained quite quickly, which is worth considering for longer events. Additionally, in bustling settings, the microphone picked up a lot of background noise. While the metallic finish gave it a professional look, it did require frequent cleaning due to smudges. Overall, this microphone stands out for its reliable Bluetooth connection, enhancing every performance with clear sound and fun effects.

8. Hape Mighty Echo Mic

Hape Mighty Echo Microphone | Battery-Free Voice Amplifying Microphone Toy…
  • Battery free mighty Echo microphone: do you dream of being a famous singer? With the high-quality, battery-free mighty Echo microphone toy,…
  • Echo-effect: Hope mighty Echo microphone ensures hours of fun for the little musicians. Kids can sing their favorite songs and add Echo to…

We think this microphone is a fantastic choice for children who love to perform and sing due to its echo feature and durable design.



After spending some time with the Hape Mighty Echo Microphone, we’ve noticed that it stands up well to the enthusiastic performances of kids, surviving a few tumbles without taking any damage. It’s refreshing to see their faces light up when they hear their voice amplified, even if the volume is suitably moderated for indoor use. The absence of a battery compartment not only adds to its durability but also to our ease of mind. Our moments with it were joyful, watching the little ones fully immersed in their imagined concerts. However, it’s worth noting the echo is not what you’d find in electronic microphones. It gives the voice a nice ring but doesn’t carry it across a backyard. When it comes to cleaning, the microphone’s design might require some extra effort to maintain hygiene, especially since kids tend to get quite close to it while singing their hearts out.

9. Move2Play Kids Karaoke Mic

Move2Play, Kids Star Karaoke, Kids Microphone, Bluetooth + 15 Pre-Loaded…
  • 15 CLASSIC SONGS — Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Wheels on the Bus, ABC’s, and more! All your little one’s favorite karaoke songs!
  • PLAY ANY SONG – Connect to a phone/tablet with Bluetooth! This 2 in 1 speaker/mic can play music from any app like Spotify, YouTube, or…

We think this mic is ideal for getting youngsters to sing and play, thanks to its user-friendly design and pre-loaded content.



We had a blast with this Move2Play Kids Karaoke Mic! Its robust set of features made it a real hit at our family gatherings. Children gravitated towards the easy-to-use interface and danced around to the classic nursery rhymes. Syncing it with a Bluetooth device opened up a vast library of songs that kept the entertainment going.

The sound quality is surprisingly clear for a children’s toy, and the voice effects provided endless laughter. We appreciated how the long battery life sustained the fun for hours.

We did find that the loud volume can be a bit much, especially in small spaces. Some of our younger test-users needed help navigating the different functions, which suggests the controls may not be immediately clear to toddlers. There were a few moments when the mic needed a recharge sooner than expected, but these were few and far between.

What to Consider When Buying a Microphone for Kids


Durability is a crucial factor when choosing a microphone for kids, as they are often not as careful with their belongings. Look for microphones made from robust materials that can handle the occasional knock or drop. Microphones with a solid build, shock-resistant features, and durable casing are ideal. This ensures the microphone will last longer, even in the hands of the most energetic children.

Sound Quality

While kids may not be audio experts, having clear audio output is still important. Choose microphones with good sound fidelity that can accurately capture and reproduce the nuances of a child’s voice. This is especially important if the microphone is used for singing or storytelling, as it helps in maintaining the clarity and richness of the child’s voice, making the experience more enjoyable for both the child and the listener.

Ease of Use

Microphones for kids should be user-friendly. Look for models with simple, intuitive controls that are easy for children to understand and operate. This might include large, clearly labeled buttons and straightforward functions. The microphone should be easy to connect to other devices, if necessary, and should require minimal setup, allowing kids to start using it right out of the box.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount when it comes to children’s products. Choose microphones that are designed with children’s safety in mind. This includes avoiding small, detachable parts that could be choking hazards and ensuring the volume levels are appropriate for young ears to prevent hearing damage. Some microphones are also designed with rounded edges and made from non-toxic materials, adding an extra layer of safety.

Additional Features

Extra features can greatly enhance a child’s experience with a microphone. Consider models that offer fun voice effects, like echo, robot, or animal sounds, which can add an element of play and encourage creativity. Built-in games or interactive elements can also help maintain a child’s interest in the microphone. These features can turn a simple microphone into a multifunctional toy that offers more than just voice amplification.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the best microphone for kids is the VTech Karaoke Mic because of how easy to use and affordable it is. Your kids will love it!

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