Top 7 Best Ice Skates for Kids (2024)

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Looking for the best kids ice skates? I tested some popular options to help you find the best ones for your child. Here are the best ice skates for kids!

Top Kids Ice Skates

1. Summit Skates for Boys

Summit Boy’s Adjustable Ice Skate Black/White Small (10J – 13)
  • Push button size adjustable
  • Warm, Woven lining and Deluxe comfort Padding.

Purchasing these skates for your youngster offers practicality and comfort for their growing feet and budding ice adventures.



Adjustability is a key feature with the Summit Skates, extending their shelf life as your child grows. After skating in them, the warm lining was noticeable, providing a cozy feel even in colder rink conditions. The stability is reassuring, giving you peace of mind about your child’s safety on the ice.

While the blades perform well, the extended front in the smallest size may require some getting used to. During first use, adjusting the size was a tad challenging due to the button mechanism, but that’s a one-time hassle.

After multiple sessions, strap adjustments became more intuitive, though the design could be improved for better ankle fit, particularly for slim ankles. Overall, these skates are a solid choice for recreational fun.

2. LEVYTEMP Kids Skates

LEVYTEMP Adjustable Ice Skates for Kids Girls Boys – Gradient Pink Rainbow…
  • ICE SKATE ADJUSTABLE: Our ice skates are available in four sizes – XS(7C-10C)S: (10.5C-13C) M: (1-4) L: (5-7.5) – If your size is…
  • TRIPLE PROTECTION: Our ice skates prioritize safety with triple protection, featuring buckles, powerful Velcro, and shoe ropes. These…

You’ll appreciate how these adaptable skates keep up with your child’s growth and provide secure, comfortable ice skating fun.



Slipping your feet into the cozy woven lining, you feel warmly welcomed even on the coldest days at the rink. The triple protection, encompassing buckles, Velcro, and laces, keeps your child’s foot snug, offering peace of mind. As your child takes off, you’ll notice the smooth glide courtesy of the high-quality blade, even if it may need a touch-up after hefty use to keep it in pristine condition. If your kid is in-between sizes, opting for one size larger might be shrewd, given these tend to size up. While they might feel a bit weighty at first, the sturdy build conveys lasting durability, promising many seasons of joy on ice.

3. K2 Rink Raven BOA Skates

K2 Skate Rink Raven BOA
  • 5 expandable sizing: each skate expands 5 individual sizes per skate
  • Boa closure system: precision closure for stability and easy-on, easy-off comfort

You’ll appreciate the K2 Rink Raven BOA Skates for their reliable performance and comfort on the ice.



Gliding on the ice with these skates feels effortless, thanks to the ingenious BOA closure system that snugly secures your feet. The adjustable sizing is a game-changer, adapting to growing feet, which means you won’t be buying new skates every season. Each session on the ice is a warm and dry experience due to the water-repellent construction.

Nonetheless, considering the price might give you pause, especially if your budget is tight. There’s also a brief learning curve for kids adjusting to the firm support of the Junior BOA cuff. And like any high-quality blade, periodic maintenance is inevitable to keep the skates in tip-top condition.

With K2 Rink Raven BOA Skates, you secure a blend of comfort and durability, ensuring a joyful and prolonged ice-skating experience for your child.

4. OBENSKY Kids Ice Skates

OBENSKY Adjustable Boys Ice Skates – Kids Ice Skates for Beginners, Girls…
  • ICE SKATE ADJUSTABLE – Our ice skates have three sizes: Small (11C-1Y)/ Medium ( 1Y-4Y)/Large (4Y-12Y). Each size has four adjustable gears,…
  • DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL BLADE – Equipped with high-quality stainless steel blades, which is easy to sharpen and the blade is not easy to…

These OBENSKY Adjustable Ice Skates are a solid pick for your child’s skating adventures, offering both growth adaptability and secure ankle support.



Sliding into the OBENSKY skates, the comfort and warmth are immediately noticeable—a boon for those chilly rink days. As you lace them up, you’ll appreciate the snug fit that instills confidence, with the reinforced ankle support keeping wobbles to a minimum. The ease of size adjustment is also impressive; a simple push of a button and these skates accommodate your child’s rapid growth, eliminating the frequent need for replacements ogni year. Out on the ice, the stainless steel blades facilitate smooth and controlled movements, enhancing your young skater’s experience. These skates are an investment in your kid’s skating journey, designed to evolve with them and provide countless hours of ice fun.

5. Nattork Kids Ice Skates

Nattork Adjustable Ice Skates,Ice Skating for Kids, Boys and Girls,Hockey…
  • ADJUSTABLE: We have three sizes: S(10C-13C US)/ M(1-4 US)/ L(5-8 US). Each size has four adjustable gears, which can be adjusted to the most…
  • COMFORTABLE : The skates added woven lining and deluxe comfort padding provide extra comfort and warmth. Your kids will enjoy long sessions…

Gift your child the joy of gliding on ice with these comfortably supportive and easily adjustable Nattork Ice Skates.



Stepping onto the rink with the Nattork Kids Ice Skates feels rejuvenating. Their adjustable sizing proves it’s a smart choice for rapidly growing children. The padding inside the skates offers warmth and comfort, making your child’s ice skating experience delightful. Requiring less sharpening, the stainless steel blades let you spend more time on the ice.

Yet, the color variety is lacking, providing no option beyond black. Finding the perfect fit for the first time can be tricky; they might run large. While they come with blade protection, it does not stand out compared to other skates. Overall, these skates strike a balance between comfort and practicality, suitable for young beginners eager to learn and enjoy ice skating.

6. MammyGol Kids Skates

MammyGol Kids Ice Skates for Girls Boys Adjustable Ice Skates with Hockey…
  • 【ADJUSTABLE ICE SKATES】Kids ice skates have 3 sizes S/M/L, each size has 4 gear adjustment which can satisfy your child to play for a…
  • 【COMFORTABLE MATERIALS】Designed to keep water out and feet dry. The comfortable padding and great ankle support will provide you with…

These MammyGol Adjustable Ice Skates are a gift your child will cherish, offering comfort and fun for beginners and improving skaters alike.



As a parent, you want ice skates that are a breeze to adjust as your child grows, which is exactly what MammyGol skates offer. They envelop the feet in comfort for a snug fit, leaving no room for complaints about pinched toes or cold soles.

Quality is evident in the durable blade that withstands the typical use by kids. Sharpening it is straightforward, promising a consistent glide on ice.

The sturdy structure provides safety, but remember to supervise your young ones while adjusting. Over time, you might notice wear on the material, but it’s a small trade-off for the joy and physical balance they offer your child.

7. 5th Element Stealth Jr. Skate

5th Element Stealth Jr. Adjustable Kids Ice Hockey Skate for Boys,…
  • Designed for Children and Toddlers-Ideal for parents of young children or kids who want ice skates to grow with your kid’s feet. Each size…
  • Adjustable in size for Toddlers and Kid’s size Ice Skates-Toddler Ice Skates size can be adjusted from size 12 to size 3. Kid’s size ice…

Your child’s progress on the ice could take a leap forward with the comfortable fit and adjustability of the 5th Element Stealth Jr.



When you slip your child’s foot into the 5th Element Stealth Jr., you’ll notice the snug heel and midfoot support. The soft boot construction coupled with a sturdy strap makes getting these skates on and off a breeze. With a gentle glide on the ice, you’ll see your young one confidently making strides, the skates’ adjustability promising multiple seasons of use. Out in the crisp air or inside a busy rink, the liner keeps moisture out, ensuring a fresh feel during each skate session.

What to Consider When Buying Ice Skates for Kids

Fit and Comfort

When selecting ice skates for kids, it’s crucial to ensure a snug fit that doesn’t compromise on comfort. The skates should be tight enough to offer support, yet provide enough room for the toes to move freely. This balance is essential for both comfort and control on the ice. Consider skates with adjustable sizing features, as they can adapt to your child’s growing feet, offering a better long-term investment.

Blade Quality

Closure System

A reliable closure system is key for both safety and ease of use. Look for skates with secure fastenings, such as robust laces, buckles, or Velcro straps. These options ensure the skates stay firmly on the feet and make it easier for kids to put on and take off their skates independently.

Ankle Support

Adequate ankle support is crucial in preventing strains or injuries, especially for young skaters. Choose skates that offer firm support around the ankle. This will help in maintaining balance and stability, which is particularly important for beginners who are still developing their skating technique.

Skill Level

Selecting the right skate according to your child’s skill level is essential. Beginners require skates that offer more support and stability, making it easier to learn basic skills and build confidence. As they progress, you can opt for skates that allow more flexibility and agility, catering to their advancing abilities.

Warmth and Insulation

Ice rinks can be cold environments, and it’s important to ensure your child’s feet stay warm. Look for skates with a good quality insulated lining. This will keep their feet warm and comfortable, allowing them to focus on enjoying their time on the ice rather than being distracted by cold feet.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the best ice skates for kids are the Summit Skates for Boys because they’re quality, comfortable, and affordable.

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